CBD Lotion Sampler Pack

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Interested in skin wellness but don’t know where to start? Try both the Forth™ CBD Muscle Rub and Roll-On with this sampler pack. Featuring 200mg CBD in a 1-ounce package of each form factor.

Product Details + Contents
  • Forth™ CBD Lotions are formulated with the highest quality, full-spectrum CBD from US-grown hemp. Offered in both a Muscle Rub and Roll-On, they are easy to apply and convenient to carry around throughout the day. The CBD Lotion Sampler Pack allows you to try both of our Topical CBD options for large and small area applications. They feature formulations that include hand selected CBD-infused oils and extracts for the comfort and wellness you’re looking for. Learn more about each product by visiting the Muscle Rub and Roll-On product pages.
  • Contains:

How to Use

Topical Application

To use the Roll-On, shake well before taking off the cap from the Roll-On bottle. Press the Roll-On applicator against the skin where you want and apply to desired areas up to two times per day. To use the Muscle Rub, squeeze the desired amount of Muscle Rub from the tube to apply on areas of the body by massaging with your fingertips and palms.


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Total mg CBD:
200mg CBD/form factor
muscle rub, roll-on
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